tiistai 30. toukokuuta 2017

Meadow Fairies & Flying on the Air

I have been knitting lots of flying fairies and flowers this spring. I have previously presented my Meadow flowers socks here. Meadow fairies & Flying on the Air socks are partly the same, yet the theme and feeling is totally different. Let's begin with the Meadow fairies, because that's the sock I had in my mind in March and I did not have any intention to knit any other versions of that, but finally I knitted 5 different socks :) 
I knitted the first version on Meadow fairies of Novita Nalle yarns: Nalle, Nalle Garden and Nalle Taika. I was very pleased with the colors, but not pleased with the figures, so I had to knit another pair and this time I used Gjestal Maija. Now I was happy with the figures, but not pleased with the colors: Fairy color was wrong, lighter color would work better here. Sometimes it's like this. So the perfect combination would be to knit the final pattern from the Nalle colors or at least use light color for the fairies. The final sock is on the left and the proto version on the right.
Flying on the Air was so fun to knit that I almost missed the funny fairies after knitted the last ones. Yarns are Novita Nalle and yes, I do like, what I have done. 

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