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Something about me and this blog


My name is Marja and I'm living in the Northern Finland. I have been keen in knitting as long as I can remember, but nowadays this is like a disease, which can not be cured: I have to knit when ever it's possible. I'm sure, I'm not the only one like this :)

I have been keeping a blog of all of my socks, mittens, hats, blankets etc. which I have knitted since April 2014. Blog's name is Vanuttunut Villasukka and I'm writing there in Finnish. I have no plan to quit my first blog, Vanuttunut Villasukka will continue for sure. But I wanted to have a new blog for my own knitting designs only and da-daa, this it is! I will write here in bad English and introduce my own designs :)

I usually have many ideas of socks or mittens, which I would like to create, but it sometimes takes a long time to get them finished. And some of my ideas will probably never become socks or mittens. The problem is the limited time I have for this hobby. But something comes out every now and then and those will be visible here. And of course in my other blog as well, in Finnish.

My designs have been (so far) mainly stranded socks or mittens, I love stranded knitting. I draw my designs on my own in excel, I don't borrow anything from some one else's designs. I hope you respect my work as well. And enjoy my socks and mittens and what ever is coming out in the future.

Marja :)

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